The full paper and poster summary must be received not later than April 30, 2019


The poster absrtacts must will be given on two languages (Russian and English), should develop the general theme reflected in the resume, but there can be little changes in the name and authors. If changes considerably change the declared theme, the Committee should be notified before the material of posters will be presented. Materials of posters in Russian and English will be published in printing.



The paper should be prepared using Times New Roman font, size 12. Authors are strongly requested to follow these instructions to ensure the production of high-quality proceedings.

The overall length of the poster abstract is limited to 400 words, about 1 page in the Proceedings.

Do not embed any formatting commands.

Do not use images.

Double space the entire abstract by using the appropriate line spacing command in the word-processing program.

Use only a single space after a period or other punctuation.






The title should be in all capital letters, in the center of the page. It should be concise and informative, without abbreviations (for example: spell out United Kingdom, do not use UK), and include the order and family names (in parentheses) of plants and animals referred to in the title.


Do not include the authors of scientific names used in the title; for example: Blattella germanica, not Blattella germanica (L.). Do not use both the common name and the scientific name


Do not use commercial product names in the title.




The Abstract should be an informative summary of the significant contents and main conclusions of the research presented. Generally, the length of the abstract is 10% of the manuscript text, and should be one paragraph.




Use commercial product names only at the first mention, thereafter use common or chemical name.


Do not indent the word Abstract, use upper and lower case, bold, and no punctuation following the word, just two spaces.


Key Words


On a separate line following the Abstract type Key Words; no indentation, use upper and lower case; give three to six key words or phrases for indexing purposes.


Do not repeat words used in the title.


One line space below the title should begin the authors. Give the full names and affiliations of all authors; use superscript numbers to identify authors and affiliations. Do not use titles, such as Dr. Ms., Engr.


The participants of the questionnaire and summary of which have been approved, you should load the text of your poster (including the name of the posts, abstract, text - all in one file in the format of ".doc" or ".docх") in the MY ACCOUNT using the column "browse" "load message again". The organizing Committee reserves the right to edit the manuscript of the message and reject materials.


After the text of your message will be approved, please, repack all the files (images and files in the main text), upload ONE single .zip file and send it to e-mail:



Materials of posters will be published in Russian and English languages in the compilation of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate it to the public. After the end of the conference, within 1 month, the texts of posters in Russian and English languages will be posted on the conference website ЕАРМС www.pestmanagement.Su


These materials may be submitted for selection as follows:

1) in the form of presentations in Russian and English languages, prepared in Power Point format «.ppt» or «.pptх» of not more than 5;

2) in the form of text in Russian and English languages in accordance with the requirements for the submission of materials poster presentations;

3) the video (link to the video, posted on the services: YouTube, MyVideo, RuTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Blip) with dimension of 4:3 or 16:9.

Materials poster presentations will be open for discussions in Russian and English language during the year, with at each of the author's message will open a separate comment.