big conference holls,

up to 120 participants

 5th Euroasian pest management conference (EAMPC-2025) take place in September, 2025, in Moscow.


This conference offers an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and information on the biology and control of pests in urban environments. The event will be represent by prominent zoologists, entomologists, specialists of pest management and chemical professionals, scientists and authorities from Russia and other countries.

Conference venue

The Main Topics

- Medical and economic significance of pests in urban environments;

New data about ecology and harmful activity of pest species;

- Physiological, ecological, ethological, etc. features of pest species  - a basis for working out of new methods of monitoring, the number control;

- Strategy, tactics and operational experience under the number and reproduction control of pest species;

- Chemical, biological and other pest control methods; the problems of pest species resistance;

- Strategy and experience protection of people at their contacts with nature (protecting clothes, preparations for external and internal application, behavior)

- Pest control characteristics in urban, rural and natural areas;

- Pest management and biodiversity


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