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Kukbo Science Co., Ltd





Kukbo Science Co., Ltd has innovated new high tech automated factory facility with customers great support for many years. Under 'Human living, human environment' as management philosophy, we have manufactured rodenticides and insecticides, and made efforts to make eco-friendly products over 50 years.


The company of MEDILIS - the member of NOD and Council of the Russian producers of means and the equipment for disinfection, disinsection and deratization at NOD.


The main activities of the company are development, production and wholesale of modern pedikulitsid and highly effective dezsredstvo, and also means for disinsection, deratization and veterinary science.

GET Biotechnology

The quality control and regular laboratory tests of efficiency nowadays have become a market standard. This is certainly good, but there is a question: «What is the difference between the companies then?» The difference is in the service quality. That is our advantage.

Ltd "GET Biotechnology" – is the most caring manufacturer of insecticides and rodenticides in Russia. If you ask, what our care is? The secret is that we have 5 basic principles:

1) The principle of home slippers. You should feel comfort just as if you have worn your slippers. The same comfort and convenience. That is why we call you back, send the documents in time and check the contracts for 15 minutes.

2) The principle of Google. If you phone our hotline and ask something, we will find you an answer and absolutely doesn’t matter what is your question about, rodenticides or The Eiffel Tower.

3) The principle of friends. We share our knowledges with our clients, our partners and our staff as if they are our close friends.

4) The principles of wife. We want to build up the long-term relations and literally marry our partners. We always support our partners. And we are ready to follow them everywhere.

5) The principles of the Musketeers. We are the team, which means you can call any staff member with any questions and he will solve it. Because we are responsible for each other. And the same situation with partners. If the partner in Moscow wants the signed by CEO contract during the hour, we will send it.

And we grow all the time and we really want you to grow with us. So call the number 8 800 555 24 69 or email on the website and become a part of our team.

Pest West

In 1991, PestWest Electronics Limited, was set up to develop the electric fly control range within the Killgerm Group and also further developed the concept of insect light traps, which use sticky boards rather than high voltage killing grids to control the insects.

The company’s success is very much export based. It now supplies products for the control of flying insects to over 70 countries throughout the world. This success has been recognised by a number of awards including the highest award a UK company can receive for excellence - Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade division.

PestWest products are seen as being high-quality products with added value, produced at a competitive price. The basis for the company’s success is its depth of scientific knowledge and its commitment to listening to customers’ needs.

Our strategy has enabled us to foster a culture of innovation, giving us full control over the entire development process of a product, from idea to market. PestWest today is more varied than ever with distinctive product offerings that are sought after for their fascinating design and high quality.


«VTVservis» Pty.Ltd. is focused on pest-control products and equipment supply and trade   paying the particular attention to the needs of every customer.

«VTVservis» is an official and exclusive representative of the following companies:  Plastdiversity (Portigal)  - one of the world leader in manufacturing of bait stations and light traps; Kukbo Science (South Korea) - a world leader in manufacturing microencapsulated insecticides and rodenticide substances on the base of which VTVservis is making its own products able to fit the most sophisticated modern demands; Daegil (South Korea) - recognized and one of the oldest world manufacturers of the glue products; Tae il company (South Korea); the registrant and supplier of  Quimunsa (Spain) products: unique lacquers, microencapsulated products, emulsifiable concentrates, an actual member of "Wood Protection Accociation"; Goizper Group and DTS (Spain) - large manufacturer and the patent holder for sprayers, foam generators, bird-scaring machines, gas traps for the flying insects, ICB Pharma (Poland) - owner of an innovative technology of manufacturing nano-capsules on Fipronil; supplier of  GEA (Italy) products  - pheromones and traps.

3 years ago VTVservis launched its own manufacturing line to produce products for rodent control: Flock-Block (different product forms based on Flocoumafen), Feti-Block (different product forms based on Difethialone), 3D-Hit (unique product based on Flocoumafen, Bromadialon and Fenilpirazol to control insect and rodent populations ).

VTVservis is a member of National Organization of Dizinifectionists and is a frequent participants of specialized fairs and conferences. VTVservis has got a positive experience of sucessful cooperation with municipal and private companies throughout the whole territory of Russia and is an active participants of tenders organized by state electronic sites.

«VTVservis» Pty.Ltd. is constantly developing the methods of work, extending the assortment of products trying to react to the market challenges with maximum flexibility. We are always looking forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation and are focused on long term partnership relations.

TAE IL Company

TAE IL Company which founded in 2007, manufactures and distributes а wide range of pesticide control products which manufacture in South Коrеа and we are working on sourcing and manufacture of the pest control products. Our strength is the development and production of special pest control products in close cooperation with our clients and partners in the Кorean domestic market and abroad.


The growth and the company's reputation in the markets has been achieved through an un-answering commitment to offer quality products at а competitive price and satisfactory customer service.

Tsing Hua Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

Founded in 1953. Started as Pest Management Professional, then get into equipment selling and manufacturing. In the beginning, with fewer than 10 workers in a small town in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Professional factory for pest control products, we know  what PMPs needs in situation.

Expanded to more than 60 workers with many automatic machines.

We are looking one who knows PMP well to establish his own Brand in



Xiamen Superstrong Environmental Protection Products Co.,Ltd.

Celebrating 60 years of Pest Control Service

Glue Traps | Mouse Traps | Fly Ribbons

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With over 50 years experience, QUIMUNSA is the Spanish leader company in manufacturing and formulation for pest prevention and control.


Our wide range of products includes rodenticides, insecticides, disinfectants and protecting treatments for wood in 3D sector and suffices expectations and requirements for the most exigent professional, contributing the best solutions for environmental health and food hygiene and for domestic market too.


We link up our products quality and specialization with sustainable development:  The newest molecules enable us to offer high effectiveness solutions which are ecological and beneficial for environment as well.

Association “Sibbiopharm” Ltd.

The Production Association “Sibbiopharm” Ltd. is a modern biotechnological enterprise, which has  high production capacity and 50 years  of experience in microbiological production. Nowadays “Sibbiopharm” Ltd.  is the only functioning biotechnological enterprise in Russia,  which carries out large-scale production of  products of microbial synthesis for agriculture, forestry, alcohol, food and leather industry, healthcare and ecology.

The company was established on the basis FGUP «Berdsk plant for microbiological products» in 2003. Total volume of commodity production depends from 8 to 15 thousand tons per year. Consumers of products are more than 600 enterprises of the Russian Federation. The products are also exported to 15 countries.

In 2012 “Sibbiopharm” Ltd. got certificate of quality management ISO 9001:2008. Since 2009 the company has been included into Federal register of conscientious suppliers.

We produce highly-efficient microbial larvicidal product Bacticide, which is aimed for mosquito and blood-sucking gnat control, especially during outbreak or prevention of such diseases as Zika virus, West-Nile fever, Dengue, malaria, tularemia, etc., transmitted through mosquito bites.

If working with “Sibbiopharm” Ltd., you choose a reliable partner, qualitative and highly-efficient products, which are safe for humans, animals and environment!


Plastdiversity, LDA


Development and production of innovative products for Pest Control. Plastdiversity is a Portuguese industrial company specialized in the production of Pest Control products and exports to over 70 countries with growing demand. Our success is due to the quality of its products allied to our own design and low cost.